Africans Wake Up: Africa It’s time to take control of our own destiny

Africans Wake Up: What We Have is Enough

Africans Wake up! The good life you live now is the result of what you did in the past to secure it. To continue living well, you need to continue working hard now to build on what you already have and avoid squandering it on short-term gain that will only ruin it all later. In this article, I’ll discuss some general principles of how Africans should manage their resources, both human and natural, to create more wealth and avoid common mistakes that ruin resource wealth over time.

A sad day in Africa

The continent of Africa has been hit hard by natural disasters and it seems as if no one cares. The death toll keeps climbing and there are many who have lost everything. A few days ago, a strong tornado ripped through parts of Nigeria taking many lives with it. As a result, tents have been set up as temporary shelters for those who have lost their homes in these natural disasters that seem to be occurring more often. But what happens when these tents are removed? Will we be able to stand together as a continent and show each other that Africans wake up? No matter how long we’ve been forgotten, neglected or excluded? I believe Africans wake up; we are strong!

The Time is Now

It’s time to take control of our own destiny – do not give up on your dreams! Together we can rebuild what has been destroyed and make our continent great again! So Africans wake up, let us make history today because tomorrow may never come. Stand united with your fellow brothers and sisters across Africa, let us help one another recover from these natural disasters by standing united as a family called Africa! Let us help restore peace and order back into our communities so that development can thrive once again throughout all nations in Africa. Let us become self-sufficient so that any humanitarian aid offered to assist African countries affected by war will not be needed anymore; rather than relying on foreign aid to get back on track towards development.

The night and the dream

I was having a nightmare. I could feel myself sweating and my heart beating in my chest as though it would burst any minute. Suddenly, I woke up to realize that everything was fine; it was just a bad dream. Africa is waking up to realize that her fears are just dreams; delusions of grandeur by those who are currently in power – and others who want to rule her because they say that they know what’s best for her. The truth is that there is enough room on earth for everyone to be free and prosperous. There is enough water on earth for everyone to have access to clean drinking water. There is enough food on earth for everyone to have their fill every day. There are enough resources on earth for everyone to live comfortably without worrying about how they will survive another day. But most importantly, there are enough people with good hearts in Africa willing to fight against all odds so that our children can be free from hunger, disease and poverty forever! It’s time we wake up Africans! Let us put an end once and for all to our fears about sharing our resources with one another! This year let us resolve to do something different than before. This year let us not wait until tomorrow or next week or next month or next year to do something about our problems. This year let us resolve that we will never again accept lies as truths and fake promises as real ones! This year let us stop making excuses for those who are stealing from us right under our noses! This year let us stop pretending like nothing is wrong when clearly things are not right anymore! This year let us stop blaming each other for what has happened to our beloved continent while allowing criminals and thieves steal billions of dollars meant for development projects meant to improve life in Africa but which instead were used to line pockets of corrupt leaders and their cronies around the world.

Why aren’t we dreaming?

It’s been said that a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. It may well be. There are many people in Africa today who need to see its dawn but can only find their way by moonlight; otherwise, they would have woken up long ago and seen where they have been stuck for centuries. The moon has shone brightly on most African countries for years now, revealing what was hidden from sight during daylight—deep poverty. Many Africans lack basic necessities of life. In fact, if we were to measure wealth not by income or assets but by access to food, health care, education and other things essential for human survival and advancement, then it becomes clear that vast numbers of Africans live in conditions akin to those found in some of the poorest nations on earth. Poverty is not just an economic issue. It is also a moral issue. When millions of human beings suffer from hunger or preventable diseases because others are unwilling or unable to help them, something has gone wrong with our humanity.

Dreaming of a Happy Life?

A study done by KPMG showed that more than half of Africans are dreaming of a happy life. But a lot of them are yet to achieve it. The research revealed that 86% said they want to be happy, but only 57% say they have achieved happiness. Just imagine if we can achieve our goals, what a beautiful place Africa will become? To make Africa a better place for all Africans I suggest we do two things; eliminate corruption and grow our economy. Let’s stop complaining about not having enough, let’s do something about it. If we create jobs and give opportunities to each other, nobody has to starve or go without basic needs because there will be enough for everyone. So next time you complain about your life, remember you still have a chance to change it. Be ambitious! Be innovative! And most importantly, be positive!

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